Eating Donuts With My Friends: A Deep Reflection

Once upon a rainy day in Manhattan, three of us college women sat in my dorm room. We read books and we laughed. We talked about the future and how much it scared us. We discussed relationships and all of their impossible complications. And ultimately, we decided to get donuts.

Thus we took to the wet streets or rather, an Uber, and traveled to our newly discovered New York City treasure, The Donut Pub. There we sat at the diner-style restaurant and gazed at the mass of perfect looking desserts sprawled behind the counter. Of course, in an unbearable millennial fashion, we asked the kind waitress to take an artistic photo of us at our seats. Do you love me yet? From that point we urgently stuffed our faces and slurped our coffees like it may have been our last meal on this planet.

After our gluttonous feast we determined that we could probably put even more food into our systems, so we made our way to the Latin restaurant next door. Upon sitting down the waiter told me that no, I could not drink my coffee from a different vendor in there. I played his comments off like I wasn’t slightly enraged and walked outside to sip the rest of my beverage on the street. Wow, I am such a kind and understanding soul.

We finished our second meal and made our way back to our respective rooms, this time walking in the rain. We were trying to avoid paying another Uber fare. As the drizzling came down on us I contemplated the simple concerns that inhabited my mind like, what should I eat when I get home? Will this rain damage my leather jacket? What is the true purpose of human existence and will we probably just rot in the earth after we die? As you can see I get by on my unyielding optimism.

I got home and I fell onto my bed, sliding off my shoes and promising myself that I would not go out tonight and spend more money, knowing I would anyway. I thought about my life and how grateful I am to have found friends who will sit in my room and read with me and who will go on random trips to eat food that we don’t need. I thought about how despite everything going on in the world, I love my life right now and the people that are in it. I thought about how tired I was, so I fell asleep.

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